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The Key to A Healthy Lifestyle

The Key to A Healthy Lifestyle

Just Follow the Simple Rules of Nature


Living a happy and healthy lifestyle is what we all keep striving for throughout our lives to keep ourselves away from diseases; to live a good quality life.

A h
ealthy living or lifestyle refers to a life in which you have a disease-free healthy body, stress-free healthy mind, and a respectful happy social life.

Although there can be numerous ways and means to acquire a disease-free happy and healthier lifestyle but the key required to open the door of any of those numerous routes is just the one ---- to follow the following simple rules of the nature:

Live Close to Nature
Maintain Body Balance
Maintain Personal Hygiene

Live Close to Nature

Good sound health is God's gift to us, we have it by birth, we got it without our efforts, it is not a man-made synthetic creation, it is a natural occurrence like nature itself.

But Man's intervention in nature has made it very difficult for all of us to maintain good quality health and live a healthy lifestyle.

Because of Man's hectic use of unnatural artificial materials (synthetic materials) to produce more and more synthetic products (like plastic, polyester, polythene, etc.), the air around us has become so much 
polluted that we aren't getting sufficiently-oxygenated clean breathing-air that is so important for our body to remain healthy. The amount of waste created by synthetic materials and products that has filled the planet is so huge that nature will need hundreds of years to decompose it!

This, unbridled insensitive human intervention in nature have caused serious disruption of its rhythm and balance, threatening even the existence of life on earth.

Today's Mad Man thinks he has made human life much easier and comfortable than ever through advanced technologies. But he is undoubtedly mistaken.

So-called Advanced Technologies have only increased our Problems, Worries and Diseases in the form of:

More electronic waste; more synthetic products; more
pollutants; more environmental pollution; more global warming; more hurricanes; more tsunamis; more earthquakes; more weapons; more enmity; more crimes; more courts;  more unethical practices; more unethical money printing; more narcotic drugs; more drug addicts; more smuggling; more underworlds; more political as well as public lies (public cannot be blamed as subjects in a kingdom will be like their king); more corruption; more corrupt politicians and heads of governments, allowing extremely explicit media and web content to be shown or served to people all over the world thereby spoiling future generations; more war threats (from politicians only; no citizen likes war conditions may he be national of any country); more terrorism; more frauds; more security problems; more bank failures; more offline and online thefts; more hackers; more hacking;  more bum blasts; more fires; more killings; more Allopathic Medicines with life-threatening fatal side effects; more  junk foods; more contaminants; more contaminated food and water; more bottles of mineral water; more travel restrictions; more hijacks;  more inflation; more consumer taxes; more worries; more anxiety; more stress; more depression;
more broken hearts; more online dating; more free sex; and  more newer and dangerous diseases that man has never witnessed in their lives!

Diseases Growing on Trees

While Man is hitting his head to the wall to find treatment solutions for the most common disease of common cold and other life-threatening diseases like
HIV - AIDS and cancer, the list of incurable contagious diseases is ever growing with the identification of newer and newer life-disturbing and life-threatening diseases such as childhood behavioral disorder ADHD, serious respiratory illness SARS and the viral inflammation of the brain Arboviral Encephalitis etc. to name few.

Man has failed to shorten the list of life-threatening diseases, instead, his non-natural and unethical activities of producing more and more artificial synthetic products is giving birth to more and more contagious diseases. Aren't diseases growing on trees?

And the worst part is that on one hand, today's medical health care has become so much expensive that it has become practically out of reach of common man, and on the other hand, millions of people are dying every year due to fatal side effects
of allopathic medicines.

One cannot find many people on this earth to disagree with the fact that today's modern era of so-called advanced technologies has only given us a luxurious life with more entertainment options and more machines to work for us, so that we won't have to labor to perform our everyday duties, and yes, an easy access to information and a broader communication platform in general, nothing else. A lazy, less active life.

The result is: Obesity
-- mother of many diseases -- if not kept under control.

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Another great achievement of today's Mad Man (?): even you ask a President, how much is 13 multiplied by 8, he will not be able to reply instantly, as even our children used to reply before use of calculators, even in the examination halls, was not banned yet; he (the President) will need to use calculator to reply your question, because he has become addict of machines; his brain is not habitual of doing work for him, machines do all the works for Him. Is he worthy of being called an intellectual? Easy go lucky man.

Is Today's Life Much Easier Than Before?

Was the life before man started to believe in technology instead of nature so bad that he started to look for newer and newer machines to make life easier? May be many would say yes, but I will only pray God to forgive such people because they are real innocent people and do not really know that the use of more machines have not made their lives easier, instead, their lives have become more sedentary, thus prone to diseases.

Life in older years, say before 1940 or 1950, was in fact, much happier, much active, and miles away from anxiety and stress and thus away from diseases, because man believed more in nature than in artificial synthetic products.

Just watch carefully, the face of every person, whether rich or poor, that you come across-to today, and you will find almost everyone is engrossed in deep thoughts.

Do you think it is because the person's life has become much easier and comfortable? Nope. It is, what we call,
anxiety, depression, and stress, the root causes of all health concerns, that are showing on their faces. And all this is courtesy modern era of advanced technologies.

Man is not prepared to understand that intervention in nature can only lead to destruction.

However, nature as we all know to be true is kind and valuable for us. Natural resources not only provide us all kinds of long and short-term health benefits, but they also nourish our mind spiritually and uplift our social life significantly.

Divert yourself from dependency on non-natural resources to natural one's. You cannot change the world, but you can change yourself. Don't try to do what the world is doing, do only what is natural.

Almost all classical philosophers have accepted the truth, that a good human life is a life that is in accordance with nature.

Experience Enhanced Well-Being

So, if you wish to live a good Healthy Lifestyle, try your best to:

Live as close to nature as you can. As close to greens as you can. Green plants, trees, parks or gardens etc.
  Green is the color of nature. We generally feel safer in "green" environment. We all know that we feel happier
  when we see plants, flowers, parks or gardens or other such green spaces around us. Green color symbolizes
  harmony and trust. "Green" has also been proven to have calming effect in stressful situations.

Choose to live near parks or gardens, or lots of trees around, where more oxygenated fresh air is available.
  Whether you have ever noticed or not, but it is a proven fact that the presence of plants or trees have a positive
  effect on our health in general. They not only absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and in return give us fresh
  oxygenated air to breathe; they are also extremely effective at removing environmental
toxins, such as the
formaldehyde, the benzene, and the
xylene etc. from the atmosphere. Fresh air makes your lungs much
  healthier, and your mind feels more relaxed, and stress-free.

Choose, if possible, work-places that are closer to nature such as lakes, sea, lots of trees, or parks, or
  buildings with well planted plants and trees around and places like that, so that to get more fresh breathing air.

If not possible to find a work-place close to nature and greeneries, at least choose work-places that are far
  from factories, mills, and industrial areas, to keep yourself away from highly polluted environment. Keep small
  indoor plants around your work-area so that you get sufficient oxygenated, toxin-free, clean breathing air.

Place appropriate indoor green plants in your sleeping rooms, halls, corridors, and kitchen. This not only will
  increase beauty of your house but will increase the amount of oxygen in the surrounding air which in turn will
  help clear-out toxins from the air and provide cleaner breathing air for your lungs.

---- Dutch researchers have found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their rooms reported lower stress
      levels than patients without them.

---- Indoor plants will also improve your overa
ll health
hygiene; a key aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Hang or mount photos or pictures or paste wallpapers of eye-pleasing natural sceneries, particularly sceneries
  of beautiful lakes or waterfalls thickly surrounded by greens of nature, on walls of the important places in your
  house, like bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, guest hall, corridors, and the kitchen.

---- Results from number of studies support the fact that viewing a natural scene has a very positive effect on our
      physical as well as mental health. It increases concentration power of our mind, takes our mind away from
stress, improves our mood, and enhances our healing or recovery power.

Find schools or colleges for your children that are surrounded by natural greeneries such as parks or gardens,
  and trees. This will not only be beneficial for your child's physical and mental health, and increase his/her
  learning power, but will benefit you also if you yourself are in taking and bringing back your child from school or

A good sound night's sleep is also very important for your body and mind to regain its lost energy and
  stamina (while performing day's activities) so that you are again fully recharged to take on the world very next
  morning. Apart from taking short rest-breaks during whole day's working activities, an adult must sleep at least
  8 hours every night to remain fit and fine throughout the day.

---- The fact that, after a good sound night's sleep, every one of us feel healthier, energetic, refreshed, and full of
      enthusiasm to take on the world is itself a great proof that good night's sleep does have positive effects on
      our body, mind, and soul.

---- To make sure you get your night's sleep undisturbed and to reap all the benefits of a good night's sleep, keep
      your sleeping area well ventilated so that you get uninterrupted fresh breathing air throughout your sleep.

Prevention is better than cure and hence you should do everything to prevent any disease to penetrate through
  your body's
immune system and make you sick. The lifestyle of most of us is so busy that, even if we want, we
  are not able to take out some time out of our busy day-schedule to pay attention to overall fitness of our body
  and mind. And that, in fact, is the major cause of any illness in general.

---- But then God has given us a gift called 'mind' that has the characteristic of making everything and anything
      possible, that apparently look impossible. So, it is always good and wise to convince your mind and takeout
      at least one hour, if not more, to keep yourself always healthy. Half an hour for an early morning walk
      in nature (best time for morning walk outside in nature is before sunrise or before 8 a.m.), and half an hour to
      do any
light exercise (anytime in the day, if not possible together with the early morning walk) every day to
      keep your body in

---- Walking and exercising regularly in natural environment like a park, trails, and other green spaces, can have
      tremendous positive impact on your overall health and well-being, particularly on your lungs and mental
      health. Exercise also helps greatly in balancing yo
ur diet and body weight, which is very important for
      optimum health.

---- Fresh and more oxygenated clean air, courtesy green plants or garden grass, will make your lungs more
      healthy and your respiration more comfortable, thereby prevent you from becoming a victim of lung and
      respiratory health disorders such as 
asthma, bronchitis,
pneumonia etc.

---- Research shows that access to nature and green environment not only improves our overall physical and
      mental health but also makes us more social, more religious, and enhances our mutual trust for each other
      and strengthens our mutual relationships.

A healthy diet is an integral part of healthy lifestyle. Our body becomes what we eat. So, eat a
Balanced diet to
  remain fit and fine even at ninety nine.

---- A well balanced healthy diet must include an appropriate quantity of all the necessary food groups, such as
      whole grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables, legumes, nuts, seafood, fish (instead of red meat), and all the
nutrients and food supplements that are required by our body for its normal growth, development,
      activity, and overall optimum health. Balanced diet helps maintain balance of your body, which is very
      important for a healthy lifestyle

Maintain Body Balance

If you wish to achieve the healthy lifestyle you must take steps to ensure you maintain a certain level of balance of the key areas of human life in general such as emotions, spirituality, social relationships, personal hygiene, and financial stability in general and the mind and body in particular. All these key areas of our lives overlap and interlink, affecting each other. Unless we create for ourselves satisfaction in every part of our life, we can never truly be able to live a happy and the healthy lifestyle.

However, if your body is perfectly balanced, balancing all other aspects of your life will automatically become an easy task for you.

Maintaining your body balance, therefore, is most important for you to achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle.

Balance of your body depends upon normal weight of your body. Your body weight is very much instrumental in maintaining its overall optimum health.

When your body starts to lose weight, you start to lose health, and when your body starts to add pounds to the normal weight of your body, your body starts to get healthier than normal; means, you start to become either overweight or obese.

Generally, body mass index (BMI) are good ways for most people to know if weight of their body is normal or not.

BMI is a measure of weight relative to height and is commonly used to classify "Underweight" (BMI below 18.5), "Normal" (BMI 18.5 to 24.9), "Overweight" (BMI 25 to 29.9), and "Obese" (BMI of over 30) in adult men and women. It is defined as the weight in Kg. divided by the square of the height in meters. Example; an adult weighing 52 kg. with 1.67 meters of height will have a BMI of 18.65.

However, even if your BMI is normal and your body is perfectly balanced, your continuous efforts are very much required to maintain your normal weight and balance of your body, for you to be able to continue your voyage of healthy lifestyle.

To maintain your body balance or to keep your normal body weight unchanged, you need to balance the amount of calories in the foods and drinks you consume.

If you have consumed less calories than your body requires for its overall optimum health, you need to supplement your diet by taking require
food supplements to make your diet a well-balanced healthy diet; a diet that is complete in all nutrients your body needs to keep it fit and fine at ninety nine.

But if you have consumed more food calories than your body is able to use, you must burn those extra consumed calories to maintain the balance of calories consumed by you, and to prevent you from becoming overweight or obese, or a victim of cardiovascular diseases.

Besides your regular every day activities, a regular light exercise is probably the best and the only way to balance your food calories, or maintain your body balance. To reap all benefits of light exercise, you must do it at least 20-30 minutes every day regularly.

Health benefits of a light exercise and immense. Your heart, your brain, your entire body benefits from light exercise.

Fitting regular light exercise of minimum 20 minutes a day every week into your daily schedule may seem difficult at first. But even ten minutes in the beginning will be fine to start with. The key is to find the right exercise that matches with your abilities. You will find that exercise is a great fun and a great happy way to successfully achieve your goal of a happy and the healthy lifestyle.


Living near to nature and the body balance is the key to healthy lifestyle.

Two Important Aspects of a Healthy Life Are Light Exercise and Healthy Diet

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